n-gen.net CMS must be safe and secure to use!

It's as simple as that.

We hate spam, we fear malware, we condemn identity theft and especially we hate hackers.
This is why we apply good ethics and code practices to do our outmost to protect your data and the integrity of your website running n-gen.net CMS.

n-gen.net CMS must work right out of the box!

It's as simple as that!
This is why we strive to make n-gen.net CMS:

  • No download needed,
  • Fast to install,
  • Simple to configure,
  • Smart to maintain,
  • Easy to learn, understand and operate.

n-gen.net CMS must work on phone and tablet as well as pc!

It's as simple as that!
This is why we aim at making n-gen.net CMS:

  • Cross browser compatible,
  • Device agnostic,
  • Touch friendly,
  • Have a responsive design,
  • And a fluent layout.

n-gen.net CMS must
remain affordable!

It's as simple as that!

That is why you will always find a version of n-gen.net ©, »Foundation«,

free of charge.

If you want more comprehensive services - including mail and phone support - you will have to pay an annual user fie. But if you just want to try out some of the commercially available features before you decide whether to pay the annual fie or not, please contact us for a trial license; free of charge, of course wink

Last updated 20-04-2022 21:10:20