System & Installation Requirements

Server side:
 - a web server capable of running .NET,
 - It might be a Windows server with
   Internet Information Service, IIS

 - a database on a MySQL or Maria
   database server,
 - approx. 30 Mb of free hard drive space.

Client side:
 - a client (an Apple computer, an Android tablet, a Smartphone or a Windows PC) with any modern browser.
 - an Internet connection.

See a 2½ minutes video tutorial


You want to download CMS?
... you can't and it's not necessary at all!


Installation of n-gen. net CMS requires no download. To make it simple for you to install CMS on your system you simply fill two forms:

  1. The form that allows your web server to connect to master repository and create the installation environment,
  2. The form that connects to your database, fetch the system files from master repository and and setup your database tables.

It is as simple as that! No download, no unzip, no download of 3rd party applications, no FTP-client, no upload - at all. ;-)

None of the information you provide during the installation procedure will be stored by; as soon as you close your browser the provided information is gone forever or written to the connection file of your server.


  • It's easy for you to install,
  • It's blazing fast: install procedure can be completed in less than 2 minutes because the servers are communicating directly,
  • It's possible to install from any device with a browser and an internet connection,
  • It's not dependent of the speed of your device connection speed - you are only transferring a few hundred bytes.


Do you want to know more or get started?

Visit the support site to get an overview of the installation procedure or to read about the details of the installation...

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