»n-gen.net CMS is a free, simple and user friendly MySQL Db driven CMS coded in asp.NET and C#.«

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»n-gen.net CMS is a MySQL database driven content management system written in C# and ASP.NET«



As the n-gen. net CMS is under constant development we regularly post update highlights on this page.

The list is not reflecting all improvements of existing features or new features and modules.








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»n-gen.net CMS is a free, simple and user friendly database driven CMS coded in asp.NET and C#.«


n.gen. net CMS news and updates

Updated by Anders T.
on 20-10-2022 16:25

Update 2023-06-05:
We have updated the MySQL .NET Connector.
The previous connector, ver. 8.0.15 and has been running faithfully since the launch of n-gen.net CMS ver. 1.0beta some five years ago. It has been replaced by MySQL .NET Connector ver. 8.0.33. Though the file size increases from approx. 780 kb to approx. 1.1 mb the MySql.Data.dll file still uploads in a few seconds during the pre-installation process.


Update 2022-10-20:
We have updated the CK editor from ver. 4.19.1 to ver. 4.20.
The update fixes a few bugs but there are no security improvements. The editor look and feel are still the same as the familiar ver 4.19.1 with no added functionality. Documentation is updated accordingly.

Update 2022-10-10:
The photo gallery module now supports categories.
You can now categorize your photos into an infinite number of categories. When uploading a photo to the gallery a 240 x 240 pixel thumbnail is automatically generated. This reduces to load speed significantly as the file size of the thumbnail will only typically be approx. 10 - 15 kb no matter the file size of the original. After uploading the photo you can edit the metadata: The title of the photo and a description of the photo. If the sensor (camera) supports it the time and location where the photo was taken will automatically be transferred to the metadata along with the camera maker and model. When viewing the gallery by default all categories are visible in four columns. The user can adjust the number of columns depending on the size of the window/screen with a single click or tap. When selecting a category from the dropdown list the photo thumbnails are filtered accordingly.   

Update 2022-02-22:
The calendar module has had a major overhaul.
Besides the updated jQuery in January the booking page now also sends an .ics calendar invitation that can add the booking to Google and Outlook Calendars. The calendar module now also has a management tool that enables Admin to add multiple reoccurring events. Finally we added a searchable agenda: All future events are listed chronologically in a list form. The events in the list are also editable by Admin directly from the list.  

Update 2022-01-22:
We have updated jQuery JavaScript framework from  ver. 3.1.1 to ver. 3.6.0.
This update patches security issues in the previous versions (cross origin scripting).
Several files (mainly index, calendar and admin tools affected), be sure to update all the affected files and install new jQuery version - see how easy it is.

Update 2021-10-24:
We have made error messages a bit more user friendly and adjusted Global.asax with a few routes.
Additionally we have fixed a few bugs and updated the editor to ver. 4.16.2.

Update 2021-06-07:
We have updated the editor from ver. 4.15 to ver. 4.16.1.
The update improves security a bit but the editor still looks and feels are the same as the familiar ver 4.15 with the added functionality of the option to export pages in PDF-format. Documentation is updated accordingly.

Update 2020-12-14:
The webmaster / admin interface has been upgraded.
The latest version of n-gen.net CMS now supports a a brand new ribbon admin menu as well as the "old" admin cube. Read more about admin interface...

Update 2020-10-20:
The photo gallery now supports location information.
By editing the photo metadata it is now possible to retrieve GPS location info from the EXIF data if the photo contains location information. The location of the photo can be displayed in Google Maps.

Update 2020-05-18:
We have changed the editor from ver. 4.12.1 to ver. 4.15.
This improves security and a lot of stuff under the hood. Still the look and feel are the same as the familiar ver. 4.12.1 with just a little added functionality, i.e. embed media from Vimeo, YouTube, Facebook or your own video as an iFrame. Documentation is updated accordingly.
We hope you will find the upgrade pleasant and almost invisible.

Update 2020-02-02:
n-gen ver. 1.0 is now powering multiple sites.
Beta installations are in-place upgraded from n-gen.net online repository without any outages or irregularities.

Update 2019-08-29:
n-gen Foundation Beta is successfully released as of today!

Update 2019-08-16:
n-gen Foundation Beta is expected to be released 29th of August 2019.

Update 2019-06-20:
This site is running the first build of the new n-gen.net CMS.
However, there are still far too many loose ends to provide a full public beta build.


»n-gen.net CMS is a free, simple and user friendly MySQL Db driven CMS coded in asp.NET and C#.«

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