The website is the home of n-gen Content Management System (CMS). The n-gen CMS has its roots in an old CMS called g-link CMS. g-link was written in the old Microsoft Classic Active Server Pages (asp) technology.


» CMS is a free, simple and user friendly MySQL Db driven CMS coded in asp.NET and C#.«

n-gen CMS is the next generation [n-gen] of the old g-link CMS and technically it’s completely different from the old g-link CMS; no code, no data model or any file structures are reused – only some good ideas and some of the functionality provided by g-link CMS user's feedback is re-cycled.
n-gen is written in Microsoft .NET and most of the visible files are written as aspx–files and the code-behind files are written in Microsoft C#.
When pronounced the “n-gen” also resembles the word “Engine”; a motor for powering something. In this case the n-gen CMS engine powers websites.

The domain is deliberately chosen as a “.net” Top Level Domain (TLD) and not as a “.com”, “org” or “.dk” TLD because n-gen CMS is rooted in the Microsoft .NET technology. Furthermore the people behind n-gen CMS have not made the n-gen CMS for profit or any other commercial interests and subsequently we were not interested in being associated in a commercial “.com” TLD. As the team behind n-gen CMS is very limited in numbers it would be inappropriate to choose an “.org” TLD because we are not an organization – and hardly even a community, although we hope that n-gen CMS will reach out and catch the attention from any curious user of the web that wants a fast, flexible and free CMS. Also, the team behind n-gen CMS and the website would like to promote the n-gen CMS beyond the borders of the small Kingdom of Denmark so we figured that n-gen CMS would be less recognizable if we selected the “.dk” TLD in a globalized world.

n-gen CMS and websites are development projects. The founders of n-gen CMS and and lead developers are Søren and Anders.

» CMS is a free, simple and user friendly MySQL Db driven CMS coded in asp.NET and C#.«

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