Easy preparation of your images before you upload them to your web site:
Use n-gen.net simple and fast online Web Image Editor

The online image editor is built upon TOAST UI Image Editor a.k.a. TUI Editor. All you need is a browser:

  • You select your image on you computer, tablet or phone,
  • You load it into the online Image Editor,
  • You manipulate (crop, resize, annotate, draw) your picture,
  • You download the result and upload your manipulated version of the image to your n-gen.net website.

Try Desktop version

The desktop version is a bit richer than the mobile version, i.e. it supports

  • Larger physical images sizes (more pixels)

  • It can rotate the image an user defined angles,

  • It features numerous pre-defined as well as user defined filters,

  • It supports using other images as masks,

  • ...

Try Mobile version

The mobile version has other features and limitations than the desktop version

  • Original image is limited to 4096 × 3072 pixels

  • The GUI let you pick any color with a color picker,

  • The UI is Touch Enabled,

  • You cannot rotate the image in arbitrary angles

  • You cannot apply filters

Common for both versions  is that you can only input image files and only the Portable Network Graphics (png) format can be outputted. This means that i.e. photos in jpg/jpeg format are normally compress better than png format which means smaller file sizes which again leads to faster load times.


Last updated 31-07-2023 02:43:09