The n-gineer has been working very hard coding CMS in C#, asp.NET and MySQL.




Version 1.1 is available for install.


» CMS is a free, simple and user friendly MySQL Db driven CMS written in asp.NET and C#.«



n-gen .net CMS
(Content Management System)

» CMS is a free, simple and user friendly MySQL Db driven CMS coded in asp.NET and C#.«

As of 2023-10-10 the CMS master server has changed. This means that the update service for your CMS will not work until the reference is adjusted.
See how to resolve this in less that 2 minutes in the
Support Centre. 


With n-gen CMS you can easily control the layout, look & feel, functionality and the content of your website -- all it takes is a browser!

The online support site contains installation guide, general descriptions of the system and modules down to single file level as well as a comprehensive library of video tutorials and content dependent help; all to make your daily life with CMS easier. If you are not into manuals you can watch 3 minutes video of a live installation.

Knowledge of Hypertext Markup Language, ASP, .NET framework, Cascading Style Sheets or the MySQL database is not in any way a requirement to maintain a website based on n-gen .net CMS. CMS is designed for those who want a free and an easy approach to create and maintain highly dynamic websites with limited or no knowledge of web technologies -- from any browser. is not a system for enterprises who has the resources to maintain an IT department and a full time webmaster. n-gen CMS is a system suited for those who want to run a website and publish their own content.

MS Internet Explorer Google Chrome Mozilla Firefox MS Edge Opera Apple Safari New MS Edge
Platform independent frontend, IIS + MySQL backend CMS runs in all know browsers on Apple products, Android phones/tablets and Linux or Windows PCs.
This is also the case for the webmaster part: All settings and content can be maintained from whatever platform is your favorite.
Even the installation can be performed from a browser - without any file handling at all.

Device agnostic and Responsive Design

Needless to say that small form factor devices give you less overview but you can easily create your content from your smartphone, your tablet, your laptop or desktop computer.

Get up to speed: Installs in less than 3 minutes from any device

The installation process is very simple: No download from a website, no unzip, no upload from a client. Everything runs between master repository directly into your web and database server (read more about the process). And your web and database can even be hosted by different providers or you can host your MySQL database server from your home NAS or a Raspberry Pi.
Take a look at the installation process and system requirements here.

Keep your n-gen content management system (CMS) updated with three clicks

Updating and maintaining a Content Management System has never been easier. You can get new features and modules in just three clicks in your favorite browser. No need to uninstall or re-install to maintain your website and get new versions of the files containing new functionality and features, security updates or bug fixed files. And your old files are kept archived so even rolling back to a previous state is quite easy. And you can also backup the content of your MySQL database tables directly from your browser en a few clicks


Learn to use (y)our Content Management System
You can easily learn how to use CMS - online in your own pace or you and your organization can have instructor lead training; you decide. support sites in English and Danish provide easy insight in the usage of n-gen CMS as well as a number of articles on best practice and how to develop your own dynamic website ranging from how to layout over customizing n-gen CMS to how to optimize graphics for minimal load times and shortest time to interactive. 


» CMS is a free, simple and user friendly MySQL Db driven CMS coded in asp.NET and C#.«

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