Installation made fast and simple CMS distinguish itself by having a very simplified, fast and user friendly installation process; no download, no version mess, no unzip of an installation packet or extraction of a compressed file structures and no upload of files to your server. A blazing fast connection between servers completes the installation literally in seconds! From any platform and any device the installation process is intuitive and hassle free.

By providing name (or IP address) and credentials for your web- and database-server the install form automatically connects your server to the Master Repository. When the connection is established your web-server gains access to all necessary system files, graphics, etc. And when providing information about database server Master Repository provides all required information to setup the tables of your database instance and populate them with the needed initial data. does not store any of the information you provide; these data only live until your content management system is installed and ready to use - or until you close your browser window - whatever comes first. The information only resides on your web and database server in order to let you login and manage your website.

Last updated 27-04-2020 18:09:00